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We are one of the most technologically advanced retail brokerage firms in Northern California, equipped with the most advanced proprietary retail databases.  Yet we strive to stay focused on our industry's core, the wisdom and knowledge needed to navigate the site selection process.

The site selection process is a skill that we have honed over the past 25 years, and one which simply cannot be replaced by demographic formulas, mounds of data, or a stack of reports.  By using this skill, we are able to sift through the seemingly mindless stacks of "information," to help our clients key in on very specific data points.

To this end, we have developed many proprietary retail databases, highlighted below, to help significantly in the site selection process. The framework for our data is our proprietary Retail Building Database whereby we track every retail unit in every retail building in 284 cities and 29 counties in Northern & Central California.  And because our information is of a higher quality, than the online information that most of the brokerage community relies on completely, our clients are equipped with a quantifiable edge in today's competitive site selection environment. And unlike the many online services, our data is used to help our clients free of charge, and it is not available to the general public.

Additionally, by reverse engineering the retail tenant data we have on file, we are able to quickly conclude and report on exactly which retail categories are underrepresented in any given area.  We do this by not only tracking every retail unit in Northern & Central California, but by also classifying each retail tenant using our proprietary retail category coding system.  

While many continue to rely on an antiquated government SIC coding system which is comprised of a mere 58 retail categories, we have developed a proprietary retail category coding system which includes over 300 retail categories.  And where, for example, other online services rely on just 1 government SIC code for all restaurants, we have over 45 codes distinguishing between the many different cuisines and QSR restaurants.  We then take our analysis a step further by breaking down each retail category into national and local tenants, thereby equipping property owners with much more detailed information for their tenant roster analysis and to city governments for their tenant void analysis.

So give us a call and schedule an appointment with us. We would enjoy the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss how our experience, services and propreitary information may be of service to you..

Our Coverage Area

With our current offices in San Jose and Sacramento and our Fresno office (coming soon) our coverage area includes the following 29 counties and the 284 cities that lie therein:

Alameda County Monterey County Santa Clara County
Amador County Napa County Santa Cruz County
Calaveras County Nevada County Solano County
Contra Costa County Placer County Sonoma County
El Dorado County Sacramento County Stanislaus County
Fresno County San Benito County Sutter County
Kings County San Francisco County Tuolumne County
Madera County San Joaquin County Yolo County
Marin County San Luis Obispo County Yuba County
Merced County San Mateo County  
* Coverage Area: Alphabetically by County and City or Alphabetically by City
Our Proprietary Tools
Proprietary Retail Building Database:  We maintain a competitive advantage over the retail brokerage community through the use of our proprietary Retail Building Database.  Our Retail Building Database is unique in that it tracks every retail tenant/unit in every retail building in 284 cities and 29 counties in Northern & Central California, from buildings as small as 100 square foot kiosks to shopping centers as large as 1.5 million square feet.  This database includes 60,000+ retail properties, 75,000+ buildings, and 200,000+ individual tenants/units.  Included in this information is detailed tenant & unit information, lease expirations, former tenants, building information, ownership information and contacts, as well as management and leasing information.  And since we have been documenting this information for the past 25 years it includes historical data as well.

Market Optimization Tool & Demographics:  We maintain the most current demographic information based on the 2010 Census and subsequent annual forecasts.  This demographic information helps us produce micro vision profiles, trade potential reports and component geography maps.  Additionally, this information helps populate the data we use in our Market Optimization Tool.  Our Market Optimization Tool gives us the ability to match our client's demographic profile with the over 10,000 intersections in Northern and Central California and then identify the top 10 intersections that match our client's demographic profile.  We then fold this data into our Retail Building Database, allowing us to identify the shopping centers and retail units located at or near the top 10 intersections.

National & Regional Retail Tenant Database:  Unlike other unhelpful national tenant databases and tenant guides, our Retail Tenant Database drills down to each retail tenant's local area leasing contact, thereby providing us the contact information for the local decision maker. Additionally, with the use of our Retail Building Database, we have data on all regional tenants with 2 or more locations.  Although this data is not collected by other online retail tenant databases, we have found regional tenants to be a rich treasure trove of potential tenants for our client's shopping centers.

Local Retail Tenant Database:  As well as tracking every retail unit in 284 cities and 29 counties (200,000+ tenant/units in all) in Northern & Central California through the use of our Retail Building Database, we have taken the extra step to collect each tenant's ownership contact information.  By doing so we can search any given area by our client's size requirement, quickly identifying the units that match, regardless of whether or not they are currently vacant.  We then have the unique ability to approach either the tenant directly or the tenant's landlord to ascertain whether a unit may be coming available in the near future. Of course, by doing so our clients have the competitive advantage of securing retail units long before they would otherwise become available on the open market.

Property Owner & Retail Broker Database:  Within minutes of receiving a site requirement assignment, we have the ability to distribute the site requirement to over 6,000 Northern & Central California retail owner/broker contacts. Of course, if preferable, we can take a more targeted approach in our distribution efforts, as our owner/broker contacts are broken down into several categories including owners, brokers, seniority, leasing activity, expertise and geographic area.

Government Contact Database:  With the dramatic changes taking place in government today, it is important for our clients to know who to contact at the city and county government level to push their project forward, thereby circumventing the inevitable run around they would otherwise have to endure.  It is for this reason that we developed our Government Contact Database.  This includes all city and county officials, all active business associations, and all city and county services.

Retail Industry Professional Database:  Over the years our clients have asked us to refer them to industry professionals that we believe to be forthright and skilled in their area of expertise.  So once again in an attempt to equip our clients, we have developed an industry professional database to do just that.  Included are a variety of professions related to the retail real estate industry in our Coverage Area.  We receive no referral fees for this service and we make no warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to any products or services sold by any industry professionals in our database.
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge.
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information.
                                                                    - T.S. Eliot